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Filipino Food at Books for Cooks with Yasmin Newman + Nicole Ponseca

One of the greatest mysteries of the culinary world is why so few people know about the amazing food of the Philippines or why there are so few Filipino cookbooks available in English.  

Well that is all about to change! The Entree.Pinays have partnered with Books for Cooks, the foodie bookworm’s heaven, to bring two amazing Filipino cookbook authors to Melbourne.

In town for the concurrent Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, New York-based Nicole Ponseca (I Am a Filipino: And This Is How We Cook) and NSW-based Yasmin Newman (7000 Islands: A Food Portrait of the Philippines) will visit the store to share their love of the colourful cuisine.

On Monday 11th March (yes - its Labor Day), we'll be exploring the origins, flavours and signature dishes of  Filipino food. Join us for an evening with two of Filipino food’s most passionate, talented flag bearers.

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Books for Cooks

115-121 Victoria Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000