The Entree.Pinays name is derived from entree, meaning the first course of a Western meal, and pinay, the Tagalog word for female Filipino. Appropriate since each of us are food-loving, enterprising Filipinas.



Our purpose is to raise awareness and celebration of Filipino food and culture via creative collaboration, community, experiences and stories.

We believe that the story of our culture is programmed into the DNA of each ingredient, no matter where it is grown; each dish, no matter how it has evolved; and each cook, no matter where he or she may come from.

With an inclusive and collaborative spirit, we aim to:

  • Combat the challenges and negative stigmas facing our cuisine

  • Shed light on the true value of Filipino cuisine

  • Build a platform upon which to celebrate and elevate the Filipino Food experience

  • Gather those that are working tirelessly to do the same

It is in our cuisine that we find our commonalities. We identify as Filipina not only by birth but also by choice, and it is with our choice that we pledge ourselves to the promotion of our heritage through our culinary arts, entrepreneurial spirit and love of community.



Being part of Melbourne’s Filipino network often means discovering that you are only “Juan degree separated” from the next Filipino, as most people are connected through a mutual friend, relative or co-worker.

Social media – particularly Instagram – played an important role in our origin story.

In 2017, Fides reached out to Grace in admiration of her Filipino baked sweets, while Felis and Grace were acquainted through their siblings. Kristina had come up on Felis’ radar following her successful Filipino food pop-up at South Melbourne Market. Sandra began following the Entree.Pinays’ instagram mid-2018, and by the end of the year was approached by the team to come on board as a media consultant.

Most of us grew up and are still based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, and we all have childhood memories centred on Footscray Market - where many migrant families go to source their produce.



For further information on The Entree.Pinays’ mission, our events and the incredible people we work with, check out our fresh new press kit below.


Otherwise, feel free to contact us directly - we’re always happy to make new connections.